Future showroom of 600 m2

Seeing is believing

LITE A / S has made large investments and focused on innovative solutions in TOMORROW'S SHOWROOM. This is LITE offers to all who also sees the amazing opportunities that lie in the future of lighting - LED.

This applies architects, government & municipalities, universities, technical schools, private companies, house building, etc., all of which have a great opportunity to get better acquainted with the latest in LED lighting.

LITE partners attach great importance to research and development, and the partners are mainly from USA, China and Germany - all leaders in their respective specialties. This means that we LITE will continuously update TOMORROW'S SHOWROOM, so it is at all times at the forefront of LED lighting development.

This also gives our customers and partners confidence in their choice of lighting and that they always get the newest of the highest quality.

TOMORROW'S SHOWROOM, consists of practical "stop" combined with a conference section with top modern facilities. All the "stop" is open, and each show examples of specific LED lighting. Here

the different LED light is reflected in numerous applications, ranging from ports and park lighting for retail and office lighting.

This provides a unique opportunity to combine the theoretical and practical knowledge about this new way of using the concept of lighting.

One can in the various "stop" see the individual light units in a naturally created environment where it gives you assess the color, strength, and physical design. This makes it easier to find a desired solution that meets the individual needs.

The country's universities and technical schools, in collaboration with LITE also a possibility to use this showroom as part of everyday teaching and research. In addition, there are opportunities that together with LITE partners can implement new ideas and research within specific products.

We at LITE look forward to welcoming you in TOMORROW'S SHOWROOM.

- Lighting the Future ...

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