Super Slim LED Panel Light

Product Name : Super Slim LED Panel Light

HZ LIGHTING Super Slim LED panel lights offer the most cost effective solution for your projects, both in

office and in retail environment, classroom, hospital, ect. LED panels are made of high quality SMD4014 LED


chips which are very high light output with high color rendering CRI 80.

Accessories can be supplied for suspended mounting or surface mounting on ceiling or wall.




Super Slim LED Panel Light Watts and sizes:


18W - P/N: HZ-PL3030S-18W 300*300*9mm

24W - P/N: HZ-PL6030S-24W 600*300*9mm

36W - P/N: HZ-PL6060S-36W 600*600*9mm

36W - P/N: HZ-PL6262S-36W 620*620*9mm


48W - P/N: HZ-PL12030S-48W 1200*300*9mm


54W - P/N: HZ-PL12060S-54W 1200*600*9mm




General Information


Product Name: Super Slim LED panel light



Materials: Aluminum



CRI: Ra>80



Certificate: CE RoHS 



Warranty:  5years