IP65 Vapor Tight

Product Name : IP65 Vapor Tight

IP65 Vapor Tight Feature


Size: from 2ft to 5ft


Grey polycarbonate housing, compact resistance


Clear linear polycarbonate lens with UV stabilized


Polycarbonate lens clips


Standard 3/4" cable gland at one end


Heavy Gauge C. R. S. gear tray to hold all electronic components


320G Alanod aluminum gullwing reflector with 86% light


Reflection is optional


Stainless steel "V" hooks are included


IP65, waterproof, dust-proof and weatherproof


Suitable for T5 and T8 configurations


Available in one and two lamps


Ceiling, wall mounted, and suspended


UL, cUL, CCC, CE, CB approved





Technical characteristics of IP65 vapor tight 



Application for t8 tube: 2pcs/unit


Input voltage: 100-277VAC


Size: 1270 * 140 * 100mm(4ft)


Housing: 100% UV stabilized polycarbonate, silicon perimeter gasket







Parking garages


Garage & workshops


Cold storage facilities


Dusty & wet environments


Indoor equestrian facility