3000K-6000K CCT Dimmable LED Panel Light

Product Name : CCT Dimmable LED Panel Light

3000K-6000K Color Temperature Dimmable LED Panel Light


1. Ultra slim 9mm thickness modern design.

2. Saving >60% electricity cost compared to the traditional panel lights.

3. Taiwan imported optical PMMA LGP, transmits light rate>90% uniformed light.

4. Leading heat management, low temperature increase, largely increased the life span.

5. Special circuit design, each group of LEDs work separately, avoiding any problem of lighting output caused or influenced by single

 faulty LED.

6. Instant on, no warm up time required.

7. No humming, no flickering.

8. No UV or IR radiation in the beam.

9. Eco-friendly, no mercury or harmful materials.

10. Easy to install, recessed, suspended or surface mounted.