Who we are and how started the adventure

HZ Lighting is one of the fastest growing quality supplier of LED lighting and lighting solution in China. Within industries, manufacturing, warehousing , public facilities , buildings, etc. today we have good references and we also undertake project-oriented tasks. With the support of our parent and sister companies , we are able to serve our customers quickly and efficiently.

HZ LIGHTING product range consists of high quality LED products exported to USA, Spain, Italy, Germany, UK, Denmark, Swiss and other places.

At HZ lighting, we are convinced that the LED will evolve to become the world's universal lighting source. LED will transform the way we today use the concept of lighting, as it can create different tones to customize specific places and moods. LED therefore helps with innovative lighting concepts and innovative design options. Savings of up to 90 %, and eco-friendly benefits are two facts that support several predictions about LED lighting exciting future.

There are many good reasons why you should switch your lights out with LED . It provides not only great savings , but is a part of the future development in light and energy . At HZ LIGHTING you are guaranteed the best quality and service, and that we have all necessary certifications for both the European and American market.

The right choice for the future

At HZ LIGHTING , we put great emphasis on the environment. By changing room light out of the LED , you limit CO2 emissions in large quantities. For the production of ordinary bulbs included environmental and harmful substances such as mercury. LED bulbs on the other hand , produced no environmentally hazardous substances , and uses up to 90 % less energy than regular light bulbs . You can change your total energy consumption by small and simple changes that will benefit your finances , your health and the environment. Furthermore add your business a green profile that will help accelerate the company's environmentally conscious image and can be advantageously used as part of the company's branding.

HZ LIGHTING is helping to improve our environment and future - be part of the development and contact us for a free quote and more information.